Children's Ministries            

               Our children’s ministry encompasses multiple services; Sunday morning at 10:00 during our main worship service, and "Bounce"; Wednesday nights at 7:00.  We aim to provide a safe and fun place for kids to gather together and learn about God, play, and build strong moral character. Our method aims to accomplish this by focusing on consistency, perseverance, and teamwork, while rewarding a positive attitude and motivating our students to try their best.

                We would love for you to join us and experience a service and if you are looking to join a ministry we would love to partner with you. Contact Pastor David Bizzanelli for more information.        

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Women's Ministries 

               Our Women’s ministry is fortunate to be built by strong women from differing backgrounds and walks of life. These women are committed to growing together by building deep relationships with God and each other while meeting whatever need may arise in our fellowship and in our community. The WM’s commitment to our fellowship is evident by their leadership in a weekly day of fasting and prayer every Tuesday and the many community oriented ministries that have been birthed from their diligence, passion, and vision. Other events including Tea-Times, conventions, retreats, Bible studies, fundraisers, and compassion events will be announced during our main worship service and on our event calendar.

                To participate in these events or if you would like to take a more active role please contact Ginger Lebsack for more information.    


Men's Ministries 

               The men of our church have come together to create a place where they can be real and honest without worrying about how they appear. The men are actively engaging in building strong friendships and in helping one another overcome the challenges that men face. By putting a relationship with God and their brothers as the first priority our men strive to improve themselves and our Church by being a force for good in our community. The Men’s Ministry meets at on the last Saturday of every month for dinner, fellowship, and a bible study; sharing experiences from their own lives and how God is growing them. The MM’s is also involved in planning and running family fishing trips, Men’s Conventions, and the ongoing building and restoration project of the church’s and its members facilities. All events are announced during our main worship service and on our event calendar.

                If you would like to join our Men’s Ministry team or if you have ideas for new ways to minister to our men and our community please contact Gary McCoy for more information   


Compassion Ministry 

The Compassion Ministry was started after witnessing the great need of our church and our local community. The need to feel loved and accepted, that we are valued and not alone. Love is the accurate estimation and adequate supply of another person’s need. For this purpose we have developed each branch of our compassion ministry including Hospital visitation, Transportation, Companionship, Meals Ministry, Movers Ministry, and more as this is an ever growing ministry we are actively looking to expand, fill the need, and spread God’s love in new, exciting, and ever more effective ways.

                If you see any needs that need to be met and would like to begin helping accomplish the work of Christ directly please contact Nancy DeGraaf or Karen Berg for more information.    

Food Pantry & Clothes Closet  

Our Food Pantry & Clothes Closet has been actively providing resources to those who need it since 2014. We had two problems 1: How can we help our community in real and impactful ways? 2: What is the best way to utilize our property on a day to day basis? The Food Pantry & Clothes Closet meets both of these needs by allowing us to store up resources on site so that we can be equipped to meet any material need at a moment’s notice.   

If you know of any way we can help our community and would like to be a part of that solution please contact Shirley Beckwith or Janette Carnett for more information.              

Pictured: left, Shirley beckwith  right, janette carnette

Pictured: left, Shirley beckwith  right, janette carnette

Seniors Ministry

Our seniors are an active and vibrant part of our church. From a monthly breakfast and bible study at Perkos to weekly bowling groups and movie nights our seniors give our children’s ministry a run for their money! Boasting ages as young as 50 and as wise as 90 the Seniors Ministry of CFWC includes a wide range of people in different stages of life moving together and leaning on each other. In times of joy and in times of loss you can be guaranteed the company of good friends and strong Christians to help you through.

If this sounds like a good time and you would like to get in on this action make sure to contact Pastors Rick & Marilyn Coats    

marilyn & Rick Coats

marilyn & Rick Coats